Citrus Latifolia

Place of origin: Santander, Boyacá and Tolima.

Santander is the main producer, also known as Acid Lina or Persian Lemon.

Fruit oval and generally rounded at the base, its skin has an intense green color until it ripens and turns pale yellow, smooth, thin, strongly clinging to the pulp, greenish-yellow pulp, acid but without the characteristic aroma of Creole lemon. generally seedless. Used to make lemonades. No curing is required for storage, fresh fruits are kept in good condition for 6 to 8 weeks under refrigeration.

It is also used as a rinse after washing the hair, refreshing lotion on the face, cleaning and eliminating bad odors, and medicinally.

Frequent questions


  • Color: Its color is dark green and it becomes lighter towards yellow as it ripens.
  • Pulp Color: Light Green
  • Smell: Characteristic floral
  • Texture: Firm
  • Flavor: It has a very aromatic flavor, floral essence, and refreshing with acidic and sweet flavors.
  • Health: It is an excellent source of vitamin C, provides fiber and a high amount of water. It prevents dehydration and is suitable for diabetics due to its low glycemic and carbohydrate index.
  •   ° Brix: 10 – 12

Storage conditions

It is recommended not to break the cold chain, store in places separated from strong odors, and keep as much as possible at temperatures around 13º C. For conservation in controlled environments, keep relative humidity between 65 – 70%.


  • The fruits that are exported are for human consumption fresh or decoration.
  • For fresh consumption, it is recommended to use the peel of organic lime or conventional lime without waxing.


The Lime is subjected to the stages of receipt, selection, classification, washing, disinfection, drying, waxing, packaging, and pre-cooling. * The organic file does not carry the waxing process and no chemicals are applied.


Boxes of 4.5 kg and 18kg Net Weight.

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